Greyfriars Management Services, in short “Greyfrairs” is a boutique corporate service provider based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is licensed to operate by the Dutch Cental Bank. Greyfriars’ philosophy stems from the background of its founders in which international clients van expect high-quality service for a reasonable price.

Greyfriars offers a full range of the services required to support companies and other entities in an international context, whether they be

  • international (group) holding, licensing and financing activities
  • investment structures
  • operational activities where clients choose to conduct their business through the Netherlands with or without their own premises often in their start-up phase.

Services include:

  • provision of a registered address/domiciliation
  • company administration
  • management
  • payroll administration
  • provision of staff
  • accounting
  • other fiduciary services

Despite being a small firm, Greyfriars serves high-end clientele, whether publicly owned or private, including family owned companies and start-ups. Greyfriars attaches great importance to personal contact and short lines of communication.

Greyfriars has a strict client acceptance policy in order to prevent money laundering and other criminal activity,. Prior to Greyfriars’ engagement, KYC documentation must be provided and verified. Continuation is also subject to receiving proper updates on a timely basis. Staff are trained to gain swift insights so as to keep the administrative burden to a minimum. KYC documentation is treated confidentially and is kept in separate compliance files.